Elevators are an interesting thing in human society. They bring to light some of the more bizarre parts of human society. Watch people react to someone they don’t know getting on an elevator. Half the time they won’t look at each other. They choose separate corners. Its a very interesting phenomenon. I suppose much of this is probably inherent in Western societies individual take and need for personal space.

Watch people getting onto elevators and you can observe the basic selfishness inherit in people. We always want to get onto the elevator before we even let people off. There can be ten people on an elevator trying to get off, but the two people trying to get on always want to go first.

If you want to cause total chaos in an elevator just start talking to strangers about random things. Tell them you’ve got new socks on, talk to them about your dog. Anything random and see how they react. Heck, break out the 50 Fun Things to do in an Elevator.

Social norms are fun to mess with

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