The Greatest Evil of All Time

Okay, maybe not the greatest evil, that’s Oprah, but there is another insidious evil lurking out there. This evil I speak of is broccoli. Foul smelling, horribly tasting, weird looking broccoli. As we introduce foods to Levi I find myself having trouble ever wanting to introduce broccoli to Levi. I mean its just so nasty. The smell of it cooking actually makes me nauseous. How can I do something like that to the little boy I love so much.
Broccoli is a relative of cabbage, which explains the nasty smell when cooked. In fact, according to the all knowing Wikipedia, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, and brussels sprouts are all the same species. The only difference is how they’ve been cultivated and bred.
I know its a healthy vegetable to give to Levi, but it is definitely going to be a large hurdle for me to overcome. Anything that nasty just doesn’t seem right.
In honor of my distaste for broccoli here are some great comics on the subject from the Sheldon comic. This is a great comic if you haven’t read it before.

And a bonus comic to make fun of broccoli’s albino cousin, cauliflower.

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