Dads Only Good for Advice?

Following the coverage of Mother’s Day versus Father’s Day one might assume that fathers are only good for giving advice. In generally there has been far less press about Father’s Day than Mother’s Day. What press there has been has focused on what great advice givers dads are. It makes me ask myself, is that all dads are good for? So much attention was given to mothers for all they do around the home and in raising children that I thought perhaps the same would be given to dads. I thought wrong.

Dads are just along for the ride, not really doing much but sitting around and giving advice, much of which could be grabbed from anywhere. This once again goes to show how our society short changes dads. Why should anyone aspire to be a good dad when there will be no appreciation for it and someone else will get all the love for having raised good children.

Until we start expecting more of dad we’ll end up with far too many deadbeats who don’t do anything to raise their children, often leaving them to fend for themselves. Let’s expect more. Let’s raise the bar and expect quality parenting from everyone. And let’s praise those great dads out there, those single fathers who do it all alone, the fathers who work hard to be involved in kids lives. If Paris Hilton can get all this publicity for being an idiot can’t we pay attention to the people who are actually helping our future?

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One comment on “Dads Only Good for Advice?
  1. Jodi says:

    Good points there Robert… I know you BOTH will make tremendous parents… both Mom and Dad. 🙂

    And yes, well noted you just were driving home when you got the book Friday night. 🙂 🙂 🙂 HA! I love Harry Potter too… I also love joking about it. David’s brother James said last weekend that he has no room to talk, that he had been present for 5 or 6 midnight openers of U2 albums! HA!

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