Self(ish) Congratulations

Once again the big awards show has happened. Once again millions watched. Once again I asked myself, what’s the point.

Award shows for celebrities, for music, acting or whatever, just seem so pompous. You take a large group of millionaires, select a few of them and give them an award. You then televise the proceedings and get millions to watch. Actors and Actresses wear outfits that cost much more than many families in the country make in a year. They wear jewelry that they don’t even own. There are shows that exist just to critique what they where, hosted by people who seem to have missed the mirror on the way to the show.

The stars even get gift baskets for appearing as presenters or other parts of the show. These gift baskets are worth huge amounts of money, and for the longest time the stars weren’t even taxed on them. It even became big news when the IRS started actually enforcing the rules. This seems like a huge insult to most taxpayers. A star can get a $36000 gift basket and pay no taxes on it. However, if an honest hard working person earns the same amount over a year the IRS will take their chunk.

Awards shows for celebrities bother me because of the amount of attention we pay to it. Where are the big awards shows on national television for the true celebrities and heroes? When do we honor the police, firefighters, military and others who actually contribute to our society? Events like this are just one thing out there that backs up the concept of the movie Idiocracy. America definitely seems to be getting stupider, and we don’t seem to be too worried about it.

So congratulations to whoever it was that won such and such Oscar. I’m so glad you could get what you deserved while millions watched. Oh, and Mr. or Mrs. Police officer who just got shot trying to keep the peace, well, at least you’ll end up on the evening local news.

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  1. Kendra says:

    You need to update with more positive items!

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