Apple Sucks

There’s been a lot of trials going on out there with Apple pretty much suing everyone who makes a smart phone claiming they invented them, contrary to all evidence showing otherwise. Samsung is one of the biggest companies being sued, in large part due to the way they are spanking Apple in the world wide market with their Android phones.  What makes all this more interesting is the recent developments in the trial between the two in the US.  Samsung came up with a list of phones it was working on, but apparently too late in the trial.  They tried repeatedly to get the evidence admitted, but were unsuccessful.  In response they sent the info out to the media.  This made the judge mad, but as the article states, this could be part of their setup for an appeal if they lose.

All of this boils down to Apple taking advantage of a system that has major issues.  They aren’t breaking the law, but they’re taking advantage of problems with the laws to try to crush their competitors.  While many companies are calling for reform and fixes they are blazing ahead trying to keep the system broken.  I’m sure if the tables turned they would feel differently, but according to Apple fanboys, they invent everything, even if someone else invented it already.  Heck, Apple isn’t above outright stealing things Android has.

I wish all these stupid trials would go away and companies would just get back to innovating instead of litigating.

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