A Little Less Air Polution in Houston

Not too long ago Houston passed an ordinance that will make it illegal to smoke indoors after September 2007, except in very few places, like cigar bars. This follows laws in every other major city in Texas. Its sad that the largest city in Texas is also the most backwards and behind.

What’s so great about this is the fact that every smaller city around Houston already has the rule, or is adding it soon. This means selfish people will have to go even further away to force other people to unwillingly be poisoned by their filth.

The funny thing about it all is the amount of whining and complaining going on about it. Smokers say they’ll just go other places where they can smoke and eat. I can’t wait until that isn’t possible. There is talk that there will be a state wide law now that all of the major cities are on board. It makes perfect sense to me. After all, smokers cost the government large amounts of money when they get sick.

I witnessed my father die from smoking, after surviving cancer and osteoporosis, all of which were caused by smoking. I don’t get how someone can believe that its their right to do that to someone else.

Cigarettes still being legal are to me one of the biggest pieces of proof that money can buy you anything. If you can make a drug that is proven to kill thousands every year; is proven to be addictive, and even developed to become more addictive and get away with it then you’re definitely paying someone.

I know, long rant, but hey, its personal. To me, the only thing people should smoke is meat. Sure, its not all that healthy, but its gotta be better than than the current way of things.

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