As power deregulation continues its steady progress in Texas some plants have closed. One such plant was in Webster, TX just down the street from where I grew up. Today it was demolished. It is of course already on Youtube. I won’t miss it or anything, but it is interesting to see. The only thing positive ever about that plant was the large amount of trees planted along Nasa Road 1 by the company that ran the plant. Unfortunately many of these trees have been destroyed by the bypass that is being built. That isn’t so bad, but I worry that what is coming next will kill more trees.

The area is going to be developed into a new subdivision with all sorts of different things back there. What this probably means is that everything living in that area will now be killed, like all developers do in this area. The Woodlands provided the best example of how development SHOULD be done. Unfortunately, it never happens. I hate to see all of the trees in an area bulldozed; trees that are possibly hundreds of years old. The worst part is after the houses are built little dinky trees that are only a few years old are planted. Why not build around the trees, destroying as few as possible. This destruction happens for housing and for commercial development and it just seems pointless. Besides, if the tree is already grown its probably less likely to mess up your foundation, sidewalks and other structures as its roots expand.

I’m not going to start hugging trees or something, but it just seems like a little common sense and care wouldn’t cost that much more and would be a lot better way to do things.

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