Idiot sports fans

No, contrary to what the title may sound like, I don’t think sports fans in general are idiots. Anyone that knows me can vouch for the fact that I’m a huge one myself. But there are some fans that are just plan stupid, or at least their actions are.

Heres a really dumb thing to do, riots when your team wins. If you manage to win a Super Bowl, National Championship, Basketball championship or World Series, why would you riot? Recently Columbus, Ohio police announced that they will have extra police undercover around the area after the BCS National Championship game. This in response to riots after Ohio won in 2002, and also again after they beat Texas this year. Apparently they had police around after the Michigan win and ended up arresting 40 people and they had “less” cases of problems. Apparently idiots in Ohio light cars, couches and other things on fire to celebrate a win. When did that become normal? Are these people really that stupid? Its not the first place this has happened, probably won’t be the last. When the Lakers win, idiots do it in LA. What I don’t get is why you would destroy your own town and hurt your own fans when you win? That’s just plain ridiculous.

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