College football goofyness

The Division 1A college football system is a joke, everyone knows it, but this year proved it once again, in a different way. This year only one top team finished undefeated. This team, Boise State, came from a mid-major conference and managed to beat a team, OUsucks, by 1 point on a trick play in overtime. From this several people debated that they should have been in the national championship game instead of Florida. A team that never played anyone good until their last game, and got lucky in that one, should replace a team that played in one of the, if not the toughest conference this year. To make this even more ridiculous, after Florida destroyed Ohio State in the National Championship game some idiot STILL voted for Boise State to be first.

Until there is some sort of playoff system we just can’t prove who really is best. More than that until we force people to be accountable for their votes we can’t even get a good system leading up to that. One voter this year had his vote removed when he voted a team far lower than it should have been because he thought they had lost, but never checked.

Voters who don’t pay attention and a system that is forced to often choose between several teams that seem equal. What a stupid way to do it.

Update 1:41 PM
So it looks like even the BCS people realize the system is flawed.

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