Walk like you drive?

As many people do, I work in a cubicle farm. My company actually has another building which is essentially one over 1000 person cubicle farm. In that building I have seen some signs that, after further though, seem quite humorous to me. They say, “Walk like you drive”.

To me this entails several things. First, walk on the side of the “street” that you would drive in. Don’t cut corners, yield to people, etc. However, most people don’t follow this simple concept. I see people cutting corners all the time. I’m larger than many of them, so I’ve taken to just letting them bounce off me and then apologize profusely. Another great one is people reading and paying no attention to where they are going. In the mall you get the people who are talking on their cell phone while “driving”. You also seem to get a lot of the pokey people taking up the whole road going slow. People pretty much walk all over the place with no consideration for others. They’ll run you over if they can, and a lot of the bigger ones try to bully others into getting out of their way.

The funny part of all of this to me is the sign. “Walk like you drive”. Sadly enough I think most people are, and that’s the problem.

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