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I’m sure this is a controversial topic to many people, but the city of Friendswood has mandated that all city employees must speak English. Myself I don’t think this is a bad thing. We are in a country where the vast majority of people speak English, business is done in English and the legal system is English. If you come to a country you should expect to have to speak its language if you are planning on staying.

There is one particular group that happens to have the most problem with this rule, Latin Americans. I’m not sure why though. There are so many legal, documented workers from the south that speak English. Many of them come here not speaking it, but are willing to learn. I think this is great, and is what I would expect of people. People from across the globe immigrate to the US and very few of them from other regions have a problem with learning English. I don’t even believe that most of the people coming from Latin America have a problem with this. Unfortunately, the few that do are getting the most press. This is unfair to the masses of people who come here legally and learn the language, becoming integral parts of our society.

I would not expect to be welcomed into Mexico if I was not willing to learn Spanish. In fact I would assume this would be very difficult for me. The same would be true for any other country. It is extremely rude to expect others to adapt to you when you are technically the outsider. I know that often Americans do this in other countries and I think it is just as bad. Its highly presumptive of a foreigner in any country to expect the natives to adapt to them.

I support this kind of effort and wish it would happen in more cities. I don’t believe my taxes should go to subsidize the continued ignorance of the few. That’s right, I said ignorance. Websters online dictionary defines ignorance as lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. That fits the bit just right. There are numerous places that teach English, many of them for free. Make the effort, integrate into your new home. That’s not too much to ask is it?

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