The downward spiral of college football

I’ll never stop watching, and neither will most people, but it seems that college football with continually get more ridiculous every year. This year, once again there is a controversy with the BCS system. With only one undefeated major team there comes a decision on who do you take now. Michigan came close to beating Ohio in their last game of the year, but no one wants to see a rematch. The week before they were ranked number 2, heading for a championship. The next week they are number 3, having done nothing to change their strength. Florida gets in because they beat Arkansas to win the SEC championship, controversy ensues.

I think this is great. My joy every year (except 2005) is to see a split national championship. The BCS is a crappy system, and the only way it will ever change is if it fails over and over. So this year, I’m rooting for Florida to win and for Michigan to destroy their opponent. Then I’m hoping for the split championship to happen again.

This wouldn’t be the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last. Its the problem with a system that only lets two teams truly compete for the national championship. This year isn’t even the worst situation. What if you have three strong undefeated teams, how do you choose? This is how USC got their first MNC. At least they’re not going to get another this year.

The root of all of this is greed. Bowls bring in lots of money to schools, and provide fans with a wonderful 20-something days of football straight. Who can argue against that right? Well, when its a 6-6 team versus a 9-3 team it can get pretty ugly, and boring. This year there are 64 teams competing in 32 bowls. Thats HALF of the teams that play Division 1A college football. You don’t even have to have a winning record to play in a bowl, you just have to break even. At least require a winning record. 7-5 isn’t that big of a deal.

All of this just leads to other problems, such as the conference championship game question, and the patsy schedule. Of course, nothing will change until the fans force it, and gosh darn it, we just love that whole month of football.

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