Australia vs. New Zealand

Have you ever thought about just how different these two places are? They’re so close to each other, but so different. I’ve been watching a special on Australia on my wonderful HDTV, and they talked about some of the animals in Australia. I swear, like half of the animals in Australia are poisonous or dangerous enough to kill you. Most of the island is a desert. Its around 5000 miles from east to west, much of which is just like West Texas, only bigger. The whole island even used to be a penal colony. Its not a country for the faint of heart.

On the other hand is New Zealand. Everything there just seems so lush, beautiful and safe. There is only one native poisonous animal, a spider called a katipo, funny enough, its closely related to another spider found in Australia. Even most of the plants that are poisonous in New Zealand aren’t native, or are at least the same ones that can be found in many other places. There aren’t even any native snakes on New Zealand. Quite a nice deal if you ask me. Plus, they filmed the Lord of the Rings there. If you’ve seen that you know just how beautiful a place this is.

About the only fluffy nice thing Australia has is the koala, and I’m sure its just a vicious killer waiting to be loosed upon the world. Just like pandas are.

New Zealand – Land of fluffy happy things
Australia – Land of evil killy things

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