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In general, Americans are a very competitive bunch. We turn almost anything into a competition. Even eating has a huge amount of competing, even at the amateur level. Heck, I’ve bragged about my prowess in said arena. What surprised me

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Dads Only Good for Advice?

Following the coverage of Mother’s Day versus Father’s Day one might assume that fathers are only good for giving advice. In generally there has been far less press about Father’s Day than Mother’s Day. What press there has been has

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Mom’s Salary

Supposedly the average mom’s salary would be $138,095 if they are a stay at home mom. While I don’t want to lessen the impact that mom’s have, and how much they are worth I think this whole thing is a

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Mudders day

Mothers Day is all about honoring and respecting mothers. The job of a mother has changed quite a bit over the last century. Mothers were always able to stay at home and take care of the family from there in

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Breeding like rabbits

I’m sure this is a pretty controversial topic, but why in the world do people seem to want to breed like rabbits? I’m pretty sure they know what causes babies and there are a number of ways to prevent it.

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