Breeding like rabbits

I’m sure this is a pretty controversial topic, but why in the world do people seem to want to breed like rabbits? I’m pretty sure they know what causes babies and there are a number of ways to prevent it. I see so many families that have more than 4 kids. We’re pretty much the only developed country that has a rapidly increasing population. Its not a good thing to have that. We can’t even seem to keep the people we do have employed, fed and healthy; why would we want to add so many more?

We watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and they’ve had several families on there before that have 5, 6 or even more kids. Worse, they don’t have enough bedrooms for them, and in many cases didn’t when they had the kids. This just seems like horrible planning and willfully getting yourself into trouble. Two kids to a room doesn’t often work well long term, especially in the teen years.

One response I’ve heard is that they just love kids and want to have a lot. Here’s a quick idea, maybe adopt some of the ones that are out there already. It seems like a win-win. If the people really care and really mean it then the process shouldn’t deter them. There are even groups out there to help out with the process. One is run by Stephen Curtis Chapman, a Christian singer.

The concept that you can afford it doesn’t work either, after all, that money could be used to help save people that are starving or homeless. Heck, you could even adopt one of those children mentioned before.

In the end I don’t know why people have so many kids. Are they just blissfully ignorant to the long term problems it causes? Are they just to focused on themselves to see beyond their own house?

Some people focus on the first part of Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful and multiply”. They forget the second part, “and fill the earth, and subdue it”. Well, we’ve done that part, so I think its time we cut it out with the multiplying. I’m sure this is a controversial statement, but to me it just seems true.

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