Where is the sanity?

I don’t watch Jon and Kate plus 8, but I know a lot of people do. I just have to wonder where the sanity is in it. He hates doing the show, but she basically forces them to keep doing it. Their kids are like circus freaks, with people paying to watch them. Now they’re getting a divorce because they didn’t want their kids to see them fight? That doesn’t make much sense to me. How about stopping the show and getting counseling. What a bunch of idiots. I know she’s been involved in a bunch of Christian women’s programs and I hope those programs seriously look at whether people who treat their family like this should be representing their organization. He is certainly not without fault either. You don’t hang out with single women all the time because it gives a bad appearance. Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong taking a young women out on a date sure looks wrong.
The TV channel should be ashamed and should stop the show. The family should be ashamed and should stop the show. Most of all the people who watch the show should be ashamed and stop watching. This is ridiculous.

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