Babies and Politicians

Politicians have a lot in common with babies. They are both attention hogs, taking as much as they can get and always looking for more. They both leave disgusting messes behind and take no responsibility for cleaning them up. Once you have them they both take up a lot of time and money and you have them for a set term. You can’t understand most of what they say, but they say it very loudly and firmly.

Luckily most babies are cute and fun to play with. Most politicians aren’t, though Palin isn’t too bad looking. You can at least hope your child will mature and grow out of most of his bad habits. The politicians seem stuck in them. When you have a baby and you are around them at their best you know that it was all worth it. When you get a politician you realize all you got was the lesser of two evils, if you even get that.

I’m glad I went Levi in 2008, it was the only way to go, and it sure beats what I’ll get this November.

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