Election overload

I am so ready for the election to be over. I realize elections are important. They decide who is going to direct the wasting of taxpayer money for the next several years. They also decide who will get blamed for everything that has gone wrong during the next election. I’m just tired of hearing about them. The current president has angered a lot of people, including those in his own party. The democrats blame everything on him and try to say McCain is exactly like him. McCain wants to move on from him, and tries to point out that he has different from Bush on a lot of subjects. This of course gets ignored, lather, rinse, repeat.

One thing I’m definitely getting tired of is comics getting political. Comics are supposed to be about humor. There are a few comics that are specifically political and that’s fine, people know what to expect. However, other comics like PVP, Get Fuzzy and others are doing the same thing and I think its wrong. People read these comics to escape and enjoy themselves, not to get your view thrust upon them. Hollywood, you can shut up too. Movie stars are just that, movie stars, they aren’t there for their political commentary.

This whole election has been screwed up from the beginning. We have an inexperienced man versus an experienced one. This and where they stand on the issues should be the only focus. Instead we have discrimination and stereotypes. When Clinton was running her being a woman was a huge focus and made fun of a lot. Palin now faces the same thing. If you did this for any other job it would be illegal and you could face charges of discrimination. Many democrats have ragged on McCain’s age, another area of discrimination that is generally illegal. All of this picking, but even mentioning that Obama is black can get you screamed at and threatened. I think none of it should have any bearing on the election, but it will. This year there is an expectation of the highest minority voting in history. Is it because there are more important issues? Is it because what the candidates have said is more important? No, its because one of the candidates is a minority. That’s a ridiculous reason to vote.

On the news the other day a woman who was in her 60s was going to vote for the first time. That means she had pissed away at least 10 chances to vote for a president in her lifetime. TEN, thats more than the whole country of China gets. That’s more than most of Africa will ever get, and she completely ignored it. Any why was she voting? Did she have some epiphany that she was wasting her God given rights paid for by the blood of American soldiers? Nope, she just wants to vote for a black candidate. Nothing about issues, only race.

Why should something as ridiculous as pigmentation decide our election? It shouldn’t, but it probably will, and that’s just a small glimpse of what is wrong with our country.

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