Leaving a Legacy

I routinely check out snopes.com for urban legends so when someone invariably emails me one of them I can respond and hopefully help prevent its spread. Today’s entry was a thought provoking one.

How we live our lives has a lasting effect. If we have children what we do can ripple on for a very long time as they in turn have children and leave their mark on the world. It is easy to go through life looking out for yourself most and not trying to make a more lasting positive mark, as was apparently the case of the woman described in the entry. I hope I can make a different mark than she did. Being a father is an intimidating thing to me. I am making decisions that will affect Levi for the rest of his life. I pray about it and hope that I am making the right decisions.

I know Snopes probably wasn’t really intending to create fodder for blogs and conversations, though the person who placed the obituary probably was. Our society has certainly moved away from looking at our actions and judging what we should do to leave a lasting positive mark. Maybe reading an obituary like that will make a few people stop and think about what they are doing to those around them. Of course, then comes the hard part, trying to change. I hope we can all leave a positive mark, and that our ripple out as the generations come will be a good one.

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