Just a little weird

Okay, so my wife is pregnant. What’s the first thing people do when they hear that? They congratulate me. Now, I don’t want to sound like I don’t appreciate the congratulations, but sometimes it weirds me out.

The other day, as I came into work a lady was there that knows my mom. She told me she had heard the news, and wanted to congratulate me. It was at this point that I was intensely creeped out that one of my moms friends was basically telling me I had done a good job in impregnating my wife. I mean, isn’t it a bit weird for one of your parents friends to tell you good job having sex? Besides that level of weirdness, we’re not talking about winning a Nobel Prize or something here. This is an act that teenagers manage to do on accident all too often. Millions of people each year pull it off across the world.

I suppose I’m over thinking the whole thing. On the top level its basically people just trying to be nice. They’re excited for me and my wife. Maybe they’re also a little sadistic and laughing at me because I won’t be sleeping much early next year. Either way, the points I brought up probably never entered into their mind. Still, I just want to announce that I have successfully had sex with my wife and a baby will be the outcome. Please, hold your applause.

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