Outlaws and Guns

It has been said that when you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns. After the tragedy at Virginia Techpeople are calling for gun bans again. In the article the guy refers to the gun used against him in a robbery. I suppose he thinks it was obtained legally and that with a gun ban the criminal would have had no way to obtain the gun. He’s obviously not working in the same reality as most people.

The right to bear arms is built into our constitution to allow the populace to defend itself, not only from criminals, but also from an oppressive government. If we remove that right there is nothing to say that our country could not end up oppressed again, as it was in the era that caused the Revolutionary War. In the one city to try the opposite theory the plan worked great. Everyone was armed and chaos did not break out. Life continued on as normal, crime dropped and the city thrived. The nearby town that did ban guns, it has worse crime and hasn’t thrived.

No one can know if the fact that there were no other weapons on campus could have stopped the shootings, but some believe that it would have at least increased the chance. It may not have helped, but I can’t imagine it making anything worse. The best gun is the one you never have to use, but its still nice to know you’re allowed to have it.

The day I post this in the morning even more excitement happens.

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