Combining what?

There’s pictures of Levi in the post below this from our new camera. I know everyone would probably skip my ranting to look at those, so this ends up ahead :oP

I’m a fan of rock music. I also listen to a lot of “Christian Rock”. This in itself is a bit goofy, since the music may be made by Christians, but it isn’t necessarily “Christian” music. That’s probably a whole other rant itself. The point of this one is to discuss some odd combinations I see of music.

Rock and rap music are not very alike. They generally appear to different groups. There have been occasions where they have been combined. Nu metal is a bit of an example of this. Limp Bizkit and others fit that bill. This isn’t the general case though, and the rap aspect of those groups is generally much more minor than the rock aspect.

The reason this matters is the way these two different music types are combined in many locations. We have a local station here that broadcasts JCTV, a Christian music video network. They play modern music about half of the time. The retarded part of this is the way they combine the music. You can be listening to some rock music and enjoying several songs in a row and all of the sudden there is a switch to rap. This makes very little sense in a flow sort of way and is annoying, at least to me. I am not saying there isn’t a place for other types of music. Well at least any music that isn’t country, there’s no place for that. Anyways, do a 30 minute show of rock, then do a 30 minute show of rap. Don’t switch back and forth, it makes no sense.

The goofy part about this combination is where it transfers over to. For the Grammys there is a separate category for rap and for rock when it comes to mainstream music. These two groups would riot if you tried to combine them. They are separate genres and have their own merits. When it comes to the Christian music (they call it Gospel) part of the Grammys the two are combined. There is a single Rock/Rap category. Strangely country and traditional gospel, both of which release fewer total albums are separate categories for awards. This just seems like laziness on the Grammys part, and a bit of an insult as well.

This doesn’t just happen in music. If you look at the Emmys they do something similar. There is an award for Best Musical or Comedy. Since when are those the same thing?

Let’s stop combining things that don’t belong together. I won’t put Spam in your ice cream and you can leave rap out of my rock and roll.

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