Do You Hear What I Hear?

Am I the only one that thinks of Gremlins when I hear this song. I just think of a messy microwave and such. I guess its a generational thing and not everyone will get this. In the movie Gremlins this song is playing when one of the gremlins is looking for trouble. I believe it is hunting the mom. She ends up getting it in the microwave and nuking it until it explodes. This of course triggered the scientist in me to want to blow stuff up in the microwave. It also ingrained in my memory this song as going with gremlins.

Its also just one more Christmas song. Some Christmas songs I really love, but they start being played so early I generally burn out. The same songs played five times a day gets old. When I worked retail during college it was even worse. Thankfully now I can avoid it at work. I can also play some of the better Christmas music from groups I enjoy. There are also a number of non-traditional songs to cut through the repetition of 20 versions of the same ones. For example, I have never roasted chestnuts on an open fire, but apparently ever singer who has ever made a Christmas CD has, and they want to sing about it. Wow, how’s that for a run on sentence.

Anyways, I’m sure other people have thought the same things about different Christmas songs. When you hear a song many times in a particular situation, say when hunting a gremlin, it burns an image on your mind. That’s what has happened to me, and I know I can’t be alone.

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