More Traffic Behavior

Today, on the way home I saw another example of bad driving. Near the same intersection I complained about earlier someone decided to be a big jerk. There was a long line of traffic, stretching for almost a mile, as there always is in this area at this time of day (thank you city hall). Some guy in a van stops when the light turns green and lets out not just one car, but four. What makes it worse is the latter three cars ran the stop sign to get out while he waved them on. He then promptly turns into the shopping center, avoiding the added traffic he just created. I think that crosses the line into being a jerk. The average wait for the people behind the van to get to that point was probably 30 minutes or more. At least two of the cars at the stop sign had just pulled up, waiting maybe 10 seconds. I’m sure more than 4 people missed the light because of this. The annoying thing is there’s a light so close that these people would probably haven’t gotten out pretty fast anyways.

Sometimes I wish I had a rocket launcher on my car or something. It would be nice to remove some of these frustrations.

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