Fast car, slow driver

Why do people bother to spend so much money on sports cars and then drive them like a Geo Metro? I see this a lot on the roads and it drives me nuts. There is one particular lady I pass quite frequently on the way to work. I know if I see her car, with its particular bumper sticker I want to get around her quickly or I’ll be stuck in the line of traffic she creates. She drives a Camero, not a slow car, but generally is going 5 miles per hour slower than the speed limit.

Now I understand that many people go slower on the freeway in the slow lane to conserve gas. By dropping to 60 from 65 there can be a savings in gas that can add up over time. I get that. I’m certainly not going to do it myself, but if you’re in the slow lane and you’re not blocking traffic or screwing up the on ramps then go for it. But when you do it in the fast lane, in a Camero I think you cross the line into being a little stupid and kind of a jerk. I have a hard time believing someone who bought a Camero was worried about conserving fuel. They aren’t exactly built for that. They also aren’t built for going slow. So really I’m not sure why some of these people own these cars.

Maybe we can make a new rule that revokes their right to drive them. If you’re going to do that go buy a Civic. You can still feel sporty, but you’ll get 10 miles per gallon better. Plus, when you go slow people won’t really notice, except if you do it in the fast lane. So do us all a favor. Go trade that thing in and get a car that fits your style. If you just want to cruise around in a cool looking car that’s fine, go get a Prowler or something, just not a sports car. Heck, I’ll trade you my Civic if you really want. Just stop abusing those beautiful sports cars.

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