Idle Worship

Thou shalt not make for yourself an idol. Its Exodus 20:4 and Deuteronomy 5:8, also known as the first or second commandment (depending on your religion/denomination). In today’s society we’re pretty thorough and consistent about breaking this one. People focus on money, their jobs and all sorts of other things before God. We even pray to stains because they look like the (former) virgin Mary. Hollywood has set itself up as a whole city of idols. We even have shows with idol in the name.

Its insane how much our society focuses on these idols. American Idol is one of the top shows out there. Every morning I drive to work with the radio on flipping to find a station that isn’t talking about the previous night of the show. Even the Christian station devotes massive amounts of time to worshiping these false idols. Previously politics was the biggest place you could see adults behaving like children with popularity contests. Now we have all of these reality TV shows where people can call in the vote. While these shows may be interesting to watch, and I do watch a few of them myself, I can’t fathom how people can get so involved in them. On the radio it seems that people spend half of the morning programs talking about the shows. This just seems a bit excessive to me, especially with all the other things going on in our world.

Maybe I am just an Idol hater. Maybe I’m just a fuddy dud, I don’t know. Still, any time someone with as little talent as Sanjaya can go on for as long as he did on a show you have to stop and ask yourself, should I be taking this that seriously?

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