What the heck is that supposed to mean??

Okay, so in light of Friday’s robbery of Texas’ football team by a referee with bad eyesight many bandwagon and until recently quiet Aggie fans have been wearing their ugly moron colored shirts and making lots of noise. This brings to mind many questions, not the least of which is why aren’t they listed as a cult. But it also made me wonder. What the heck does it mean with some retard hollers “whoop”. It doesn’t seem to be an exclamation of joy, because it seems to be interjected pretty much almost anywhere, as a verb, noun, whatever. When I hear it I think of a phrase that I’ve heard my wife say to small children before. “Use your words”. Usually this is because the child is babbling nonsensically. It seems to me that this statement applies here. I suppose upon further thinking I would like the whoop to a fart. Its not really going to add anything positive, it comes out of nowhere, its annoying, and when you hear one coming from someone you want to get away as quick as possible.

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